First, navigate to the "View Campaigns" button and to the "View Campaign" page of the campaign you would like to create a display reviews widget for. 

1) After watching the tutorial videos, select "Display Reviews" from the drop-down widgets tab. 

2)  Next, you will be able to choose how the information is displayed to your users, by selecting a type of review request widget from the drop down type/position menu.

3) eCommerce with form, Facebook, ReviewTrust Blog, and Simple Counter are all display types that will stay fixed in one place on your web page. All other display types will float with the user and be visible at all times. 

4) After selecting a widget type, you can continue down the list and customize your widget by changing the color, text, font size and more! 

5) Make sure to "Preview" your widget before moving forward, you can even choose to "Restore default colors" if you don't like your design. This will cause all the colors and customization options to reset to default. 


You have successfully created a display reviews widget, continue to the Embedding the Code into Your Website section of this article to learn how to install your widget!