To import a list of orders/customers, you will first need to setup a Campaign. Please visit the FAQ  Campaigns to learn more.  After you have set up a campaign, navigate to "View Campaigns" and click on the campaign that you would like to import orders too.

Next, you will need to create an order list, which needs to be a CSV file. Most of the time the payment system you use will allow you to export orders as a .csv file, if you have trouble with this please reach out to your payment system for support. Your .CSV needs three columns, the first containing the customer's first name, the second containing the customer's last name (or initial in this example) and the third, the date of the order. 

Here is an example of the import sheet Test123 Campaign: 

After creating a CSV file and coming to the Orders tab of your Campaign, you will click "Import" and be prompted to upload the CSV file. 

After importing the CSV file, you will see the orders number increase. You will not see the customers' names inside of the Orders tab until your import has been approved by the ReviewTrust team. 

Once your import has been accepted by our staff you will see the Customer's Orders appear in the Order's tab. 

Please Note: Any email addresses that have been already added will not be duplicated if uploaded again.