1) Start by selecting the "View Campaigns" button from the left-hand sidebar. Then select the campaign that you would like to sort reviews for. 

You will then be brought to the "View Campaign" page.

Please note: We suggest watching the Tutorial Videos provided inside of ReviewTrust before you begin working with reviews.

2) Select either the "Reviews" tab or the "Unapproved" button to start sorting views.

3) After that, all of the unapproved reviews will appear. 

4) Please Note: Your average rating will remain blank until you have approved at least one review. 

5) While Approving, Featuring, or Hiding a review you have the ability to Change the picture that the user submitted. We have included this feature due to the fact that sometimes the users may submit a less than photo that was not of them but still has a great review you would like to share. In this case, we suggest using a photo like the one below: 

6) This is where the rating that the user gave your product or service will appear.

7) Next, you can choose to Hide, Approve, or Feature the review. 

Hiding a Review is the equivalent to deleting a review, it will cause the review to be stored in the "Hidden" category rather than the "Unapproved" category. 

Approving a Review will cause the review to be moved in the "Approved" category and also be placed as part of your average rating and displayed in the widget. 

Featuring a Review will make the review be displayed first in the widget.

8) You can use the tab in the right corner to sort your reviews depending on how they were classified.