To create a Campaign, please start by selecting the "New Campaign" button in the left-hand sidebar or the "Create New Campaign" button inside of the main page of your Dashboard.

You will then be brought to the "New Campaign" page, where you will be able to adjust all settings for your campaign. 

Please note: We suggest watching the Tutorial Videos provided inside of ReviewTrust before you begin setting up your campaign. 

After you have watched the tutorials, it's time to start setting up your campaign!

1) Enter a Campaign name (usually a specific product or service you offer) 

2) Write a description in your notes of what the Campaign is for

3)  Next, choose a Testimonial Type. It is required to select at least one, but you can select all 3 if you'd like. Doing this will ensure you do not get any blank reviews.

4) Choose your Vendor from the drop-down list, if your vendor is not on the list select "None." 

After selecting a Vendor you will need to add the account and also enter the item/product numbers you would like to receive reviews for.

If you have trouble integrating your Vendor please see the Integrations FAQ.


Next, you can choose how many photos you want the customer to include. From no pictures to two pictures. 

6) Input the Product's name, upload a picture (optional), and a review sample (optional) and choose a Review Type. You can choose between incentivized, and standard. Choosing Standard is a basic review process, meaning the user will not be offered a gift in exchange for their review.

7) If you choose Standard, skip this step and continue on to 8. If you choose Incentivized the Gift Section will appear.

Enter the "Gift Name", then either upload a Gift File or use a Gift URL, you can not do both. You also have the option of uploading a picture of the Gift which is recommended in order to equate the gift with a value.

8) Here you have the choice between sending the email as Plain text or HTML. While HTML appears nicer, it can also cause your emails to be sent to a user's junk/spam mail folder. For this reason, we suggest using Plain text. 

9) You can send a user up to three follow-up emails.

10) Next, you will be able to select when the follow-up emails are to be sent, make sure to give the user enough time to test out your product! You can also edit the email by selecting "Edit email". 

11) Make sure to check off that you agree to our Terms of Service and then Select "Save Campaign". You have successfully created a campaign!