Login into Fan Contact App

●        Click Facebook App


●        You will need to create an app in order to get App Id and App Secret

●        Go to : https://developers.facebook.com/apps/

●        Click “Add a New App”

●        Name your app (Whatever you want)

●        Put your contact email in “Contact email” textbox.

●        Click " Create App ID "

●        Go through security check. Put the same text as it is in a text box shown on screen.

●        Click on Submit

● On Dashboard Page>>  Under Select Product  >> SELECT FACEBOOK LOGIN (Setup)


● Select option Web for App Platform.



  • On the Left hand side under product, select option SETTINGs


  • Under Setting, Turn off Mode for Restrict URLs


Restrict Mode.jpg

  • Enter the Valid OAuth redirect URIs, then click on Save button


         http://app.fancontact.com (For Facebook)




  • Then go to  Dashboard Settings and afterwards Basic.

●        Paste this link in App Domains: http:// app.fancontact.com


●        Save Changes

●        Copy App ID and paste it on Notepad

●        Under App Secret click " Show " and copy App Secret Key and paste it on    Notepad

●        Now go back to Fan Contact and Paste App ID and App Secret.

●        Click Create. You need to activate it by clicking under actions >> Activate, it will redirect you to Facebook.


●        Click Continue as " Your Facebook Name "


●        Click OK


Now you have your FB account linked with Fan Contact.

Note: Account status Become Activated.


 IN case if it throws any error for App domain. Then try entering app.fancontact.com ONLY