A:  Here are the basic general tips for adding the autoresponder to EmailEngage.

  1. You have to look for an HTML Editor in order to integrate and use the EmailEngage app to your autoresponder. With the HTML editor, you can edit the elements and put the required codes into your autoresponder.

  2. While editing codes using your HTML editor look for some basic tags and put the codes in between these tags.

  3. Here are the few common tags.

    1. <br> </br>

Put the code in between tags <br> </br>

    1. <div> </div>

Put the code in between tags <div> </div>

  1. In some cases you may also find tags like </>

In this case you need to put your code in between the < and > signs.

  1. You may also find the phrase “Edit Source Code”. In such case, you need to replace the phrase with your code.