Please follow below steps to link your Blogger and Youtube account with your SocialPhotoTraffic App.

  • Log into your SocialPhotoTraffic account and go to Networks. Click Manage Accounts under Blogger. 

  • You’d need Client Id, Client Secret, API Key, Google Application Name to integrate your Blogger account with SocialPhotoTraffic app.

  • Go to Credentials. Click OAuth consent screen. Enter Product name. Enter SocialPhotoTraffic app URL in Homepage URL and click Save.
  • Go to Credentials. Click Create Credentials and select OAuth Client ID from the drop-down list. 
  • Select Web Application under Application Type. Enter ID Name. 

    Enter Authorized redirect URLs for the SocialPhotoTraffic app.

    For Youtube:

    For Blogger:

    Click Create when done.

  • Copy and paste the Client Id, Client Secret into the SocialPhotoTraffic app in respective fields. Click OK.

  • Go to the Library.

  • Search and Select the Blogger API. 

  • Click ENABLE.

  • Search and Select the YouTube Data API. 

  • Click ENABLE.

  • Go to Credentials. Click Create Credentials. Click API Key

  • Copy the API Key click CLOSE. Paste the key into API Key field your SocialPhotoTraffic App.

  • Enter the ID Name of the Web Application you’ve used on Google account. When all fields are filled with correct info click New.
  • Select the right Google Account you want to authorize integration.
  • Click ALLOW to integrate. Your Blogger account will be integrated with your SocialPhotoTraffic App.
    Now go back to Networks. Click Manage Accounts under YouTube and use the same Client ID, Client Secret, API Key to integrate your Youtube account.