• Log into your OptInUp account. Go to Competitions. Click Create Competition.

  • Under the Setup tab enter your competition Name. Enter a Start Date & End Date. Click the drop-down below Time Zone and select your desired Time Zone.
  • Edit the Terms and Conditions of your competition. You may use the formatting tools to beautify your text. Turn on or off any option from Don't Send Confirmation, Hide "X Ways to Enter", Hide Total Entry Amounts by clicking on them. Turn on Make Responsive to make it mobile responsive.
  • Add or remove Login With options for your audience to participate in your competition.  
  • Choose your Hosted Form Autoresponder under Select Form Settings or from your API under  Select API Settings. Enter List ID as required. 

  • To redirect your audience to like your Facebook Page enter your Facebook Page URL under Allow Users to Like Facebook Page. To restrict users from specific countries click the empty field below Restrict Countries adds the country names by clicking from the drop-down list. To allow only some specific country click Allow Countries, click the empty field below and select country/countries from the drop-down list.

  • Default competition language is English. But to show your competition in another language click the drop down below Show In Language and select a language from the drop-down list. To add an age limit click the drop down below Minimum Age Requirements and select an age range. Review all information entered and if all good click Save.

    Select an option for your audience to participate in your competition by clicking on one or more options under People Can Enter By. For example: Here we’ve added the Refer a Friend option. 

  • Your active options will show a green check mark beside it. For example here the Refer a Friend option is activatedfor this competition and people can join your competition by referring the message you’ve put in the previous window to a friend by emailing. When done with your desired options click Save.
  • Enter a valid Prize Name/Widget Title. Determine the Number of Winners. Enter a prize description if required. You may select a layout by clicking the drop-down next to Select Layout under Prize Layout or use the drag and drop builder to create your own custom Prize Layout by clicking on the Prizes Custom Builder. Click Save to save your competition.