With Funnelify Ten you will get the followings:

1. Ability to create up-to 10 funnels.

2. Ability to create up-to 100 pages.

3. 220 Mini-Templates Inside Funnelify Builder.

4. 50 Full Page Templates inside Funnelify Builder.

5. 100000 views limit for your sites/pages (Limits are reset every month***)

6. 100 MB Storage Limit

7. 1000 MB Transfer Limit (Limits are reset every month)

***Funnelify pages are fully cacheable which means that most of the content (almost all in many cases) is delivered to viewers chiefly by CloudFlare cache instead of Funnelify directly. The listed view limits are used only to deliver pages to CloudFlare and they are applicable only in cases when the content is not cached entirely.