Your deliverable Premium Bonuses are given inside your 1 Page Commissions Content area inside your Marketro Membership Area here:

To find your premium bonuses login to your Marketro Membership Area and go to the 1 Page Commissions Access links under your active resources.

Premium Bonus #1: Game Changing, Free Traffic Bringing App

It's TikVideoPoster app. Scroll down and you will find the download link inside the content area. 

The License key will be delivered in your Marketro Membership Area Licenses tab:

Premium Bonus #2: FREE Upgrade To 1 Page Commissions v2 PLUS Early Beta Access

This is upgrade to 1 Page Commission v2. You will get it when we release version 2. So no need to look for this in content area or contact support for this. This will be delivered after version 2 beta release is available.

Premium Bonus #3: Agency Rights

This is generic Agency Rights. Which means by buying 1 Page Commissions Standard with this bonus by default you are allowed to use the 1 Page Commissions app for your clients.

Premium Bonus #4: Traffic Source Business Coaching Home Study Video Course

This is delivered inside your 1 Page Commissions content area. You will find a button to access this home study course on the top right.

Premium Bonus # 5: Bonus Pages Download - Customize And Use For Any Product

This is given inside the 1 Page Commissions content area. Scroll down. You will find a button which says "Click Here to download HTML Files. Click this button. 

Go inside this link by clicking this button. You will find Download option for every page.

Premium Bonus #6: Awesome Bonus Pack

This is delivered inside your 1 Page Commissions content area. On the top right you will find a button for 1-PC Bonuses. Go inside this link to download this bonus pack.