If in case, Chrome plugin is not working or having any issue, kindly notes these points

  1.  You must log in to your ChatGPT account in the Chrome browser to use this plugin. again make sure you must be logged in to ChatGPT and your session must not expire. If still, problems disable add blocker if you use any.

  2. The plugin works directly with ChatGPT. So, the ChatGPT server reaching peak load is something we can't control. In such cases, you have to allow some time and then try again.

  3. If the plugin pop-up says "Please login to your account at chat.openai.com...." then it means you have to login into ChatGPT. If you are logged in, ChatGPT needs to refresh the browser every so often else the connection expires. Or restart your browser and try again. 

Note: We have some users using this plugin on Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser. You can try that but you have to login into ChatGPT from the Edge browser.