In some frameworks, you may have image or buy button placeholders. Here is how you can add images to those placeholders.

1. First you need an image link. The image link should be public. It can be an image available online or uploaded your hosted server. Here is an example image:

Right click on the image and click copy image address.

2. Now inside your Scriptdio app right click on the placeholder where you want to add the image and select Image.

3. Paste the image link next to the source. Adjust the width and height of the image then click Save.

Here is an example.

4. Once you click Save you will get the image instead of the empty placeholder.

5. If you want to add a redirect URL, right-click on the image and click Link.

6. Add/paste your redirect URL in URL, add a title, click the dropdown below Open the link in.. and select an action then click Save.

Here is an example.