Follow below instructions to Pick and Format your copy.

  • Click on Step 1.

  • Header says what is Step 1. Step 1 is Begin with a question. Navigate clicking the left or right arrow to view previous or next question to find your suitable question. Hover your mouse pointer on your desired question.

    Click the blue eyeball to preview and read the question or click the green plus icon to add/insert the selected question instantly to your document.

  • Once you preview if you like the question click Insert or exit the question.

  • Once you insert the question in some of the questions you’d see there are some contents within brackets. Here it’s [Desire]. Here you replace [Desire] with your product/service name or type to match your need. For example, you may write “Have you always wanted to lose weight in 30 days but it seemed impossible?” You may add more questions from Step 1 following the same steps if you want. 

  • When done with step 1 click on Step 2.

  • Preview and insert them into your document if you like it. Just like step 1 you may also add multiple messages from step 2. 

  • Once you are done with inserting Steps add your own texts replacing the contents as applicable. You may also format the document using the formatting tools. 

  • Place the cursor at your desired places and click Slide Break button to add slide breaks.

  • Insert as many slide breaks as you need.